Benefits and features

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The solution

With our deltaconX platform we enable our clients to unify all regulatory
compliance processes in a single solution across multiple regulations


Why maintain diverse solutions &
services to cover several regulations?

  • Time- & resource-
    consuming projects
  • Cost-consuming processes
  • Ongoing maintenance &
    adaptations of interfaces
  • Constant changes
  • No clear visibility
    of potential risk
  • Unpredictable future
    requirements and efforts
  • No flexibility
  • High costs –
    reduced margins
  • Losing focus of
    the core business

Imagine ...

There is a simple approach to meeting regulatory compliance
obligations involving low budgets & limited efforts that enables
a return of the business focus to profitable trading.


  • Ensures manual efforts are
    minimized through automated
  • Allows complete control over
    all relevant data
  • Provides highest flexibility
    to cover the most complex
  • Reduces total cost
    of compliance


Easy to integrate in the
existing environment

  1. Standard set of APIs
  2. Based upon generic data format
  3. Hosted microservice integrations
  4. Manual deal entry
  5. Microsoft excel uploads

Modulary built to
accomodate all
regulatory needs

  1. EMIR – Reporting
  2. REMIT – Reporting
  3. MAR – Market Surveillance
  4. FinfraG – Reporting
  5. MiFIR / MiFID II – Reporting
  6. SFTR – Reporting

Offers existing
interfaces to ...

  1. Brokers & exchanges
  2. Clearing houses
  3. RRMs
  4. TRs
  5. ARMs
  6. NRAs

A standardized
solution to manage
data across ...

  1. All corporate groups
  2. All data sources (C/ETRMs, Exchanges, Brokers …)
  3. All assets classes (Commodity, FX, Interest rates …)
  4. All transactions types

Certified Security

The complete application with all the data is hosted in a private cloud infrastructure, in two secure data centres in Switzerland, which meet the highest international security standards:

  • 99.9% availability
    is guaranteed

  • Hosting centers are
    FINMA certified
    for banking outsourcing

  • All data are protected
    by the Swiss Federal
    Data Protection Act

  • Automatic
    backups every
    6 hours

  • Guaranteed
    data location
    in Switzerland

  • Both data centres
    are ISO / IEC 27001
    & PCI DSS certified

data location

Why Switzerland?

The central geographical location in Europe, multilingualism, sophisticated infrastructure, legal certainty, neutrality, stable political situation, low public debt, strong currency as well as an intact environment are among the most important locational advantages of Switzerland.

But not only a reliable legal system, its progressive infrastructures, the availability of IT specialists and the political and economic stability make it the ideal location for a company’s IT.

Furthermore data protection is highly developed and stricter than in neighboring European countries and in the USA. Access to data without judicial control, as practiced by US companies under the US Patriot Act, is legally prohibited by Swiss law.

This abundance of strong arguments makes Switzerland, with its highest security standards, the leading data location in the world. Therefore we are proud to operate and maintain our deltaconX regulatory platform at the data location Switzerland.

deltaconX Software

Cost Efficient

No need to upgrade your trading
system. All required and missing
data can be added directly in our
deltaconX regulatory platform. Simply upload
your trades via spreadsheet.


Easy to implement. Our deltaconX regulatory platform comes with a set of APIs. Our partners will implement and consult according to your business needs.


As regulatory requirements
or business needs may change in the future, our deltaconX regulatory platform provides various modules to connect to various reporting channels (TRs, ARMs, APAs, RRMs) or Clearing Counter Parties.


Our deltaconX regulatory platform is built to require
a minimum on user interaction. deltaconX´s intuitive user interface is self explaining and minimizes training efforts.


Our deltaconX regulatory platform is built to meet
performance requirements such as horizontal & vertical scaling and
high availability.


deltaconX uses the latest software technology and provides a state of the art system architecture.

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