Market surveillance
& fraud detection

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  • MAR and REMIT outlaw two types of market
    abuse: Insider Dealing and Market
  • MAR covers Financial Instruments as defined
    in MiFID I and II.
  • REMIT covers ‘Wholesale Energy
    Products’ (WEPs), meaning electricity,
    natural gas, and LNG. Where a WEP is also a
    MiFID Financial Instrument, MAR takes
    precedence over REMIT in defining
    surveillance requirements.
  • Spot energy (ex REMIT) and commodity
    instruments are captured by MAR if their price
    influences that of Financial Instruments, i.e.
    by serving as a price-reference for derivatives,
    or being part of a benchmark index.
  • MiFID II adds additional surveillance
    obligations on market participants.
  • In conclusion, it is virtually impossible to find
    an instrument falling outside of MAR, REMIT
    and the MiFIDs!

Covered scenarios

  • Pump & Dump /
    Trash & Cash

  • Cross market

  • Phantom

  • Marking
    the close

  • Capacity

  • Wash trades

  • Insider

  • Market cornering


Effective trader surveillance isn’t
just about meeting compliance requirements.
It can also deliver a real boost to your business:

  • Get real time insights into
    culture & behaviours
  • Better understand true risks taken by
    traders & consequently better assess true
    risk /adjusted returns
  • Get insights into client behaviours & account
  • Don’t lose valuable data: keep track
    of your decisions to get training data sets for
    machine learning to optimise costs of control

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